If only I had an “unlove” button in my life.

I love this song. It’s hit me hard. I kinda tear up and tell myself to quit crying like a bunch haha.


Goodbye~ By Wani Annuar


I was taking a walk as I tried to get you out of my mind

then I saw you with somebody else I’d never see

Heart racing everything’s blurry I know I wasn’t fine

Nothing I could do as you walked away cause I ended things between us


Cause I thought I didn’t need you

Cause I thought I didn’t love you

Cause I thought of things that were never true

Before I chose to lose you

Now I’ve got no one to blame,

I had you and I let it go to waste

The dream of having you again,

Is buried down in my grave

You’d come back into my life,

When things were ugly and I’d always lie

But you never said goodbye to me.


Totin Jamain
I give myself the luxury of saying what I want.