And so began my new hobby..

Tahun ni memang banyak mengidam benda-benda pelik. Syndrome PKP agaknya. Eh tapi orang lain PKP stay at home but me? no such different pun. PKP tetap kerja as usual. Malah lebih dari sepatutnya pula. Recently, I’ve found myself drawn to the idea of having houseplants and learning to care for them. I love the look of a few plants scattered throughout the home. I love the idea of the purifying quality they can give the air. Orang duk viral kan kita pun terpengaruh lah LOL. But most of all, I’m drawn to the challenge of learning to care for them. If you know me personally, I am not into gardening at all. Plus gardening tends to attract a lot of insects and I don’t like insects. Geli ya amat.

I have always been terrible with plants, flowers and gardening of any sort. When people buy me flowers they tend to sit in a vase until they are almost dust and eventually get tossed out. The few plants that have been gifted to me have gone to the plant graveyard. I’ve either over watered or under watered. I’ve left them without enough light or in too much light. They’ve either dried out or their roots have rotted. Kah kah kah tak pandai lah jaga senang cerita.



I found a local plant store, called Pokok Loco, and timidly went in to check it out. Located at Jalan Trus, in the middle of Johor Bahru city (near Bazar Karat). I chatted with the store owner, and told him I am still newbie. He guided me through the store, showing me some easy to care for plants and giving me instructions.

Brother ni sangat cool and very helpful. He gave me a free… tanah? hahahaha Entah usually tanah kena bayar kot. I don’t mind lah I nak demand lebih-lebih pun tak faham. I’m looking for a green plant, and easy to care. Tak kesah la apa-apa I tengok kat sana semua samaaaaa saja.

Me, yang rambang mata. I don’t like that pokok jurai-jurai, macam seram pula malam-malam. Because I’m looking for green plant, that pink leaves is not in my list. Maybe next time.

The store makes it very difficult for you to fail. Each plant has a label on it, indicating the type of plant it is, the kind of environment it does best in and if it’s safe for pets. Couldn’t remember any single name of it. Kat sana ingatlah. Sekarang dah lupe. Nampak sangat tak ada jiwa tanaman.

My new baby. Total price for left is RM120 and right is RM100. Price include that marble vase (Oh I really love it!!!) mable vase ni dalam RM30 kot. harga nampak mahal sebab I add on vase and kaki tu. If it only that plant murah je. Nampak marble terus excited nak beli. They call that right one as Lidah Mak Mertua haha tu je yang ingat. Yang kanan dah lupa nama. You maybe can find it anywhere  at your kampung-kampung but it’s hard to do it nicely like this and put in a vase and letak dalam rumah cantik-cantik macam ni kan? I tak serajin itu lah nak amek dari laman rumah orang. Beli jekla -_-

I’m loving my new hobby. Harap berkekalan dan tidak hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Send me your tips, tricks and favourite, easy to care for houseplants, my collection is slowly growing. ;p

Totin Jamain
I give myself the luxury of saying what I want.