Happy Birthday my blog!

On 24th of October, last year  I started writing again, the long lost passion of mine. Domain just expired sebab tu lah ingat. Blogger gave me the platform I needed to lay my write-ups. Since then it’s been non-stoping experience. When I hear people commenting about my blog and they recognize me through my blog, I feel blessed. That’s why lah every year, still nak renew domain even though I’m not so active in blogging. Adoi banyak sangat la social media nak update tentang kehidupan sekarang ni. Instagram lah, facebook lah argh rumitnya. hahaha. But I realized that blogging is a bit privacy and not so many people notice about my new blog. Bukan musim orang baca blog macam dulu-dulu. I think it’s my platform for freedom in writings tanpa memikirkan netizen di luar sana.

I feel like I have a place where I can actually pour the goodness, the badness, the sadness, the happiness, the nastiness, the madness, the ups and downs of my living life.
I am very grateful to all my friends and some of you who are still support and suggest me to make this blog even better. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to join my hands together and say ‘thank you’.


Totin Jamain
I give myself the luxury of saying what I want.