Aurora’s 7th Birthday Celebration at KidZania


Aurora’s with one of our favourite song, Fight Song. We always singing this song together when we’re feeling down with darkness all around.  This song gives us the strength we need.



Heeeeellooooooo!!!! lama tak menaip kan? Macam tak ada benda nak update dekat blog sebab kehidupan boring sangat. Pergi kerja, balik kerja. Uruskan anak yang sedang membesar dan bersekolah, dengan homework, catch up her study, tiusyen sana sini. Oh takkan semua tu nak cerita dekat blog kan?

Anyway, it’s October month! Jangan terkujat kalau dekat my social media penuh dengan birthday celebration pula yer! Maklumlah anak beranak birthday memang dekat-dekat.

Aurora’s birthday is 1st of October and my birthday is 12th of October. Sebab birthday pun dekat-dekat, setiap tahun kalau buat birthday celebration for Aurora pun, mesti I akan terkena tempias-tempias nye sekali. Kira macam potong kek untuk diri sendiri juga lah. For this year, memang a bit busy and tak sempat lah nak plan apa-apa. Dari umur aurora 3 tahun, 4 dan 5 tahun memang ada party, masa 6 tahun just simple celebration with family. Masuk 7 tahun ni mommy malas betul, nak fikir design kek pun malas.  But, 2 weeks before Aurora’s birthday, terdengar Aurora talking with my one of my staff, “Birthday lola nak dekat, mommy senyap je. mesti momy nak buat surprise party untuk lola kan?”

ALAMAK! I did nothing honestly. Terus lah terbayang, what if suddenly dia kecewa? So I looked at a couple of places and decided KidZania Kuala Lumpur. Aurora requested for KidZania visits last month (when we was in KL) tapi tak sempat. So KidZania memang dalam wishlist dia. Daripada pergi later time ramai orang with crowded kids and need to queue panjang-panjang (I hate waiting in queue). I think having a birthday party in KidZania is the best choice. Memang last minit punya decision and malas fikir sangat. I give all to KidZania event manager (Rebecca) to handle.

Kidzania has two party packages available; an all-in package that comes with organised activities plus all the works and a no-frills package that comes mainly with admission, food and the use of a party room. I chose an all in package, senang. I put a trust on KidZania event manager (Ms. Rebecca) to handle. Tak jumpa pun, main whatsapp je. She was very proactive and quick to reply.

The all-in package included a party host who brought the kids around to 3 selected activities based on the choice of theme. I chose bipop party theme, main pilih je. The kids was devided into another 3 small group. They were prepped to do a little performance at the city square, then were treated to a flashmob by the Kidzanian cheerleaders and got to meet the  Chika mascot. Then we went up to the theater for cake cutting and lunch at party area.

Lunch was in-house catering, the options are varied enough to cater to the general crowd and the portions very generous. The cake provided was was more than enough to feed all 20 of us. Kids also tak makan sangat so memang banyak lebih.


The package included photography plus printed photos, so guests will received a copy of the group photo as a memento. They were also filming a music video as part of the party activity so we are getting a copy of that as well. Besides, I also add on a videographer team from Sailang TV to record every moment from the events. Here’s are all the activities recorded by Sailang TV production. Senang hire videographer so that later in the future boleh tengok balik. I’m the type of person who love to keep the memories in videography and photography. Sebab tu I don’t mind invest some money for that. Memories tu susah nak dapat balik tau! Our guests also received a lovely goody bag from KidZania. On top of it all, the birthday celebrants received a birthday gift from them too.



Lunch was in-house catering, the options are varied enough to cater to the general crowd and the portions very generous. The cake provided was was more than enough to feed all 20 of us. Kids also tak makan sangat so memang banyak lebih. The cake design is fixed and simple, only Kidzania logo without any words. It’s okay, I don’t mind pon kalini memang sap-sap soi jekla I pun malas fikir.

During the registration. Kids were given a watch entahlah for that. macam watch power rangers and also tag name.

Usually, Kidzania will provides uniform for activities. But now, following the new SOP, only simple costumes allowed (macam topi bomba ni so that their team can easily sanitize after every kids.

Outfit Aurora ni mommy beli dekat cotton on je ok. Itu pun beli last minute seminggu sebelum. Ikutkan hati nak beli online je tapi takut tak sempat sampai la pula.


After cake-cutting ceremony



Ni team Aurora. As I mentioned before, they devided into 3 small groups. Easier for them to control and handling SOP / social distancing. I’ts good but yang tak best nye they can’t play activities together with other guest (except the last activities where they have to practice for final performances in KidZania theater)


I was more than happy to let the staff take over the activities and managing the children. All the mommies chit chatting each others. Parents ber’me’ time at parents lounge. Syok betul masing-masing. Everything went smoothly and everyone was helpful. I think it was an interesting experience,  and I would say that you can book a Kidzania party with confidence.

After lunch, the kids got to continue playing till 5pm(the park closed). The park was not crowded at all (since covid cases keep increasing lately) , with most activities have not to wait. But still Aurora was still unable to finish all of the activities. Banyak sangat kot! 

Overall, I feel the place is best enjoyed by kids aged 8-10, since they are independent enough to go around on their own and meet the age requirement for all the activities. They get to try a lot of new things and have fun, even if they’re running around alone. Aurora was very happy for her birthday celebration in this year.  Duk sibuk cakap nak repeat the same birthday party for next year at the same place too. LOL! Anyway, thanks KidZania Kuala Lumpur for the wonderful memories! 

My total money spent:

Birthday party package – include 1 celebrant ticket, 12 admission ticket for kids,  2 adult admission ticket for host, and 1 birthday cake = RM2,990

Additional admission tickets – Baby x2 (free) , Adults RM36 x 14 = RM504

F&B = RM13 x RM15 = RM 195

[add on] Videography and editing by SailangTV = RM1200

[add on] Photography by KidZania = supposedly the price is RM500 but they give me, for FREE!



The price is not that cheap. But once in a lifetime, right?

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