I got myself a new hubby!

Forget men, I want to marry my MacBook. It's dependable, reliable and I can even go shopping with it. ;p

Assalammualaikum and hi!

How are you guys doing? Anyone missing my blog here? Haha entah entah tak ada yang baca LOL. Was busy with so many things. Not so busy to that extend that I don’t get to breath la.. I still have time to rest tho..

I’m so happy I finally decided to buy a new laptop! (Gonna be my new hubby!) After almost 7 years live without laptop! yes 7 years and I took 3 years to think which laptop should I buy. HAHA I don’t know why I took so many years to make a decision. For me, laptop is not just a laptop, it’s gonna be my life partner! I’m such a loyal person and when I embrace a piece of anything as mine, I don’t let it go until it starts falling apart at the seams.

Laptop dah start nazak since 2014. Yes it was the main reason why I stopped blogging. My laptop broke and I was too poor to fix it. -_-


See. Since 2018 dah survey and berfikir dan tanya soalan yang sama but still can’t decide. haha.


After some surveyed and comparisons, I choose the super light Macbook Air 2020 version in Gold. . I never use Macbook before, but I will just trust that. I have been eyeing this! I hope this baby will make my blogging easier. Baru lah rajin blog macam dulu-dulu. Bhuaha berangan.

I have to admit, it was a tough decision for me in the beginning. Because Macs are expensive. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve been holding back in buying one up until now. I’m sure that there are many people who have the same argument for not jumping on the apple bandwagon.

Aurora claims this laptop is belongs to her.

Sebab dia yang paling banyak guna at this moment.

She is currently doing online studying and learning by video using my laptop.

*normal baru*


I think that’s enough about laptop rambling for today but it’s not every day that I get a new one. Until then, I’m happily enjoying my new MacBook to go along with my Iphone X.

Does this qualify me as an Apple fan yet?

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