my COV-Eid 2020!

Hope it’s not too late to wish Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim sisters and brothers around the world. Been a month since I last posted! Ramadan went by way too fast! sobs sobs….

Although each corner of the globe would have their own unique traditions for Eid in celebrating this blissful occasion, with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ‘new normal’ Aidilfitri would be sort of revolutionary in a sense. My hari raya was just like a normal routine day. I remember where I had a very bad raya experience in year 2015 (I don’t feel to share, sorry) so since then, Eid is nothing. I guess Aurora also don’t really get how the real Eid celebration look alike -_-

This year, because of the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia’s government decided to only allow us to celebrate Eid on the first day of Eid with tight rules. We were not allowed for Eid prayer in the mosque and always need to remember for maintaining social distancing.

I woke up early and continued prayer at home with family members. It was Aurora’s first Eid prayer. This is the most different I think because most hari raya I never went for Eid prayer in mosque HAHA. This year, we had a chance to pray with dad lead us. Amazing.  After prayer, we spend some time chit chatting, eating  raya dishes! (That’s my favourite part, that I shouldn’t miss out) and photo shooting!

Aurora with her “model pose”

This year is very cost effectively. I didn’t buy any new things for Eid. Aurora’s black jubah is still new.

We bought it when we were in Mecca and Aurora haven’t wear it yet.

Her handbag is from my friend during her 3rd birthday present.

Kemas-kemas stor terjumpa balik!

Aurora and me.

Me and Aurora. Aurora and me. HAHA just us, the very small family.



Zoom meeting with the family

and the bestie..


The social distancing has somewhat curtailed the interaction with relatives and we have not been able to have family gatherings. But I’m blessed with technology that we have today and in the afternoon, we connects each other with zoom meeting with them to share our raya dishes together.It’s not the same as physical appearance but at least we still can stay connected and say our salam to each other.

From 2pm onwards, I went to work at Emanora Clinic until night. That’s all for my raya day. I don’t mind being at work this time around (I never take a leave during hari raya every year). But this year is more meaningful as we fight Covid19 ans I feel my presence is more appreciated. The tiredness I feel from work goes away when I see the statistics goes down day by day. That is the satisfaction I get from serving the people. May it be memorable and may the joyful spirit of community continue. Stay safe guys.



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