Ramadan 2020 begins…

He is the Most-Merciful and Ramadan is a month of mercy.

Fasting month has finally started. The Holy Month for Ramadan in this year will be radically changed due to Coronavirus Outbreak.  Malaysia is currently in lockdown restriction (phase 3), mean communal acts of prayer, and meeting friends and family for the daily ritual of the iftar meal, will be prohibited for most people. Yea, we are now facing the prospect of a “social distanced” Ramadan!

Whatever it is, I hope that this year, I will aim my Ramadan better than an average day. Pray at least a little bit extra over what I normally do during a day. Having full Ramadan taraweeh at home! Fill my free time with Quran and doa. I try to finish 1 recitation of the Quran every Ramadan.  But this year, is considered semi-quarantine for me since I am still working as frontliner as usual. I just make sure my Quran in Ramadan is better during this month than a normal day. I don’t set hard goal that will stress me out (cause we’re already under enormous stress being in a crisis situation as it is).

Aurora already completed her 3rd day of fasting day (so far). She easily finished her fasting day “I am not hungry and thirsty at all mommy. I am at peace” I am so proud of her attitude and desire to commit it until the end of this month. It is such a hikmah from home quarantine. No school. No outdoor activities. Just stay at home and it is good for her to practice fasting.


Have a Happy Ramadan everyone and don’t forget to Stay at home! 🙂

Totin Jamain
I give myself the luxury of saying what I want.