Failure won’t kill her spirit.

Competition is always a great motivator!

Aurora always asking for joining any colouring contest since last year. But I’m still not confident with her skills. She can colors well, but always get confuse about choosing the right color. And she also can’t focused. Suka buat kerja half way and never finished her artwork at one time. You know me, if you can’t do it well, better don’t do it. (I always scold her haha)

But this time around, she looks a bit consistent and more focused. She was so excited to join the contest. So I registered her up. This was actually during the McDonald’s Batu Pahat Event at The Summit Batu Pahat. I actually quite satisfied with her colouring skills. Very tidy and presentable. (Even she’s still poor in colouring inside the line and still need instuctions to change the colours to use) She need a lot of practices and more knowledge for creative skills. Maybe I should bring her to more colouring contest so that she can see learn from mistakes.

Anyway, she won the first top 10 for her category (7-9years). Since she is still 7 years and consider the youngest, I guess this is consider her big success for the beginner like her.


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