Life feeling a little hectic right now!

There are moments in life where it gets so hectic that time becomes a blur. Keep calm and never give up!

Sorry for being away for some times. I don’t know if anyone is reading this. It was a very hectic month. I had no life of my own beyond being a mother and a doctor. I can’t imagine what will happen in five years ahead if I am still this way. Was slept at 1 or 2 am in the morning, woke up everyday at 5.30am. Sigh! Because of this inconsistent sleep and foods intake, I have an eye bag packages and face problems that I didn’t create.

I am actually not in the mood of writing a blog here as I am all surrounded with unfinished errands and chaotic life and unhealthy situations of Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreaks. There was a suspected COVID19 patient went to my clinic. Things getting worse when people make it viral until it spread more faster than a virus -_-. Everyone blame me, looks like I don’t know how to handle and manage the situation. Feeling so down. Couldn’t sleep and keep blaming myself. Because of that viral fake news from netizen, I need to present our COVID19 triage management in my clinic at Johor state meeting. Scary af!  Luckily I have boss who was kind enough to give me support and help me in every way.

Anyway, No matter how busy I am, I always look forward to my time with this amazing girl.I have found myself a better person. I have learnt a lots in this month. How to manage myself, my emotions, and my reaction. No hate but always please. Dealing with people is the hardest thing to do, it can’t be learnt at school, but through experiences. Let’s grab it and always think positively.

Totin Jamain
I give myself the luxury of saying what I want.