Run like a unicorn!

“Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life well lived.”

Fun run is such an emerging event now a days most especially to people who aim to be fit and healthy by having a balanced diet and though exercise. I’m participating in my first fun run this year to focus more on my fitness and less on the excuse that “I don’t have time”. I love morning run. It has gotten easier to the point where I enjoyed going run at 6.15am, before the sunrise! I’ll keep consistently running every week, not because of the medals (I’m not a medal collector anyway) but because of health and fitness.  It felt so good for the body after the run. It was like your body is so light and you have the energy despite of the very long and tiring run.

I had the first fun run in 2020 with Aurora yesterday, 2nd February 2020. Since Aurora is a Unicorn lovers and it was a unicorn theme fun run, she willing to join me. And everyone ran in a pink color shirt! Everything there was too cute!

It’s so nice when seeing kids joining fun run. Imagine waking up them very early in the morning on weekends for this activity!

Our first run together!

Officially going to be my running buddies =)

This was such a memorable experience. Running is not new for me but I was with Aurora the whole run. We run, brisk walked, laughed, share stories, reminisce the past, and finished the run together. I can say that this is a very good activity for our bonding.

Totin Jamain
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