Birthday shout out!

Birthday come around every year but friend like you only come once in a lifetime.

Tomorrow is my best friend and soul companion’s birthday. But we already celebrated it last week, with all Emanora’s staff, after our monthly meeting. Yes we usually did some small “makan-makan” after the meeting. So it’s actually not-so-surprise party for her (she can guess maa..)


Happy birthday my best buddy, always be my secret keeper!

Keep shining beautiful one, the world needs your light.

It was kinda hard to think about her birthday cake theme. The idea of the cake was from my partner, Farah. It was about don’t give up. Always fight the things that you love. Yea yea, cause we kinda like that. We are so loyal when doing something and not easily give up in the face of difficulties. (even on the hopeless love ) T_T

Well anyway, tomorrow is her birthday. Which means today would have been my 7th wedding anniversary with my ex- husband. She and I only lasted the cliche 4 years before divorcing. Why do I write all of this? I don’t mean to remember that anniversary, but I always have subconscious reactions to the date as it looms.


Totin Jamain
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