Aliens Trip 2020

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill.“

This is going to be a bit long entry, but promise me it will be interesting!

We just had a small Alien’s trip family gathering last weekend. For those who still new in reading my blog, Aliens actually is a name of my high school best friends. Don’t ask me how we get the name because we honestly don’t know the answer.

Anyway, we mooted the idea for this trip quite sometimes ago but it just didn’t materialized due to other commitment. At last, we finally managed to find one cool villa for us to stay (after 1 year of discussions haha)

The mastermind for this trip is Cikanot. She is very well organized and able to organize things independently. She manages everything systematic way , very detail oriented so senang kerja! We did nothing and she just like a reminder for us .. “jangan lupa you guys must bring bla bla bla, tomorrow must be at bla bla bla, don’t forget to wear this on first day, this one on second day.. “ Luckily we have her with us!

I reached Port Dickson earlier, around 1 pm. We supposed to checked in at 3pm, so while waiting, I look around the city center. Post Dickson nowadays is much much convenient than before. They weren’t any Pizza Hut or Starbucks before but not now. Even though Port Dickson beaches are still not my favorite destination of holiday but once in a while, why not right?

We booked 2 villas. It was spacious and comfortable. 3 rooms with one master bedroom each villas, all air conditioned. The decorations was simple but superb! (Too bad I forgot to take their interior photos)


The very first things that we did…..


The kids, minus Haris. He is so shy and always emotionally attached with his ‘tibuuuu’ (mom)

Taking a perfect photo with kids is impossible. The struggle is real!


Once everyone was there, the party do began. We started with a small cake cutting for Pareq’s baby shower and hi-tea while the kids were swimming in the pool. It was kinda surprise party for Pareq since she didn’t know about this plan. (But she don’t look surprised at all kekeke). Our rainbow theme cake White Chocolate Ganache from Facebook Kuh Ende Yah, Batu Pahat. 

Aurora couldn’t handle her excited-ness!

That’s Alien’s husband setting up the pit and doing the BBQ. The girls make great cheerleaders. 🙂 And me, forever snapping pictures.


We ordered an awesome lamb patty at Dzazamarinatedlamb and also Cikanot’s special marinated chicken. Of course we had mash potato, Black Pepper Gravy, nuggets, Mac & Cheese and butter rice. When our tummies are happily filled with good food, that’s definitely the time where we really talk about our days and catching up out latest update and gossips.

We retire to bed around 12 mid night as I was too tired by then.

The next day, we took some family photos, preparing for check out and went for lunch at Warung Salai, the famous salai in Negeri Sembilan!

There was daging salai, ayam salai, keli salai and itik salai. All type of salai tastes the same to me. I like them all!


After lunch, we visited the beach before leave Port Dickson.


Overall it was as good gateway for us. We’ve been wanting  to do something like this for ages but it never went through. But this time, we were all committed and we all  planned it properly.  At least I had our little fun away from work. The last Aliens trip we had was sometimes in April 2018 when we went to Melacca. Probably we will plan for another trip next year. InsyaAllah, road trip to Krabi gonna be our first list!

Sincere thanks for reading to the end. That’s for now, come back next time!

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