Emanora’s tahlil ceremony.

Turn to Allah before you return to Allah...

We were having yasin and tahlil recitation ceremony at Emanora Clinic in conjunction with end year of 2019 last Thursday (12/12/19). Alhamdulillah. Initially I was thinking of inviting Orphans but unfortunately they are currently on holidays. So we invited tahfiz school students from Taman Bukit Perdana to lead the tahlil prayer. They were all around 6 years – 15 years old students, caming with their ustaz to lead us. Since it was just a small event and our budget was not that much, we only invited our close family and friends.

This is what I like about kenduri *big grin* . Foods were ordered from my staffs family. They did catering for foods so yea, it easier for us to order our favourite food, Nasi Ambeng !(My favourite actually) Haha. And potluck kuih-kuih from the guests.

They love the foods too. Just like me -_-

 I pray that Allah blesses all of us with baraka’h in our rizq May Allah give us the strength to earn Rizq in the Halal . Ameen.

We were also celebrating one of Emanora’s staff, Miss Atun’s Birthday. Happy birthday my prettier Emanora’s princess. She is turning 23rd’s on 13th December. OMG 10 years younger than me. I feel so old!! T_T The cake theme was actually specially dedicated to her since she was driving ‘red car’ for few years without licence and just got P driving licence after failed attempting the exam for few times.  Aiyoyoo

Alhamdulillah, finally my wish come true. I always dream for doing a small tahlil gathering at Emanora.  Gathering for these recitations are an excellent way to keep the sense of community and belonging intact, something that is encouraged by Islam. May Allah grant the highest reward to all the elders of this community, both living and deceased, who through establishing and encouraging these recitations, have maintained the love of Islam in the hearts of us.

Totin Jamain
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