Hey Farysa!

No friendship is an accident

It was such an honour to meet your, Far!

Congrats Danish! You’re the man!

He came all the way from Kuala Lumpur with his 3 sons, just to circumcise his eldest son, Danish at Emanora! Danish is such a brave boy! He was not crying at all throughout the procedure, even during the local anesthetic injection.

Arghhh I hate my wrinkles!!
Aurora’s favourite food at Kfry

I don’t have enough time to bring them around and exploring my city since I was working. (I’m so sorry, far!) I just able to bring them out for dinner and lunch. We flashback our memories during Farysa’s last visit to my hometown in year 2008. OMG I definitely feel weird thinking about those days!

I have bunch of friends that I knew from Myspace website. (including Farysa). Some friends remained, some I never heard of anymore. Friendster, MIRC, Yahoo Messenger, the world wide web, that’s the nearest we could get to each other. I wish I could go back time. Aren’t they done building the time machine yet?

It’s amazing when I realize we have been friends for 12 years and we are still close 🙂

I am thankful that God has blessed me with real people, friends who’ve always been there through thick and thin… I think of all the relationships I’ve built with people, and I think about how I’ve managed to maintain some of them across significant distances, and I’m incredibly thankful for the life that I have had, and for the people that have entered into my life.  


Totin Jamain
I give myself the luxury of saying what I want.