I am a pioneer in women’s fashion

I'm not clumsy. I'm accident-prone!

I had a pair of really comfy wedges sandals from Flipper. Because that were sooooo comfy, I decided to purchase them in several colors.

I was working at Emanora clinic from morning (almost 15 patients in the morning), I went to the mall for lunch with my long lost friend that I haven’t met for almost 3 years, walked around for an hour, and get back to clinic. I didn’t notice until I was realized around noon, when I was about to take wudu’ before performing my zuhur prayer. All of my staffs were laughing at me. Hwaaaaaaa T_T

I met a lot of people today but why didn’t anyone tell me that I was accidentally wearing two difference sandals?!!

I was pretty embarrassed enough -_- but I would look at it as a sign of creativity and being an individual…not following the crowd. *cover malu* Bhuhahaha

Totin Jamain
I give myself the luxury of saying what I want.