Why people so obsessed about Japan?

Don't listen to what they say, go see.
Photograph Shibuya Crossing from a high point.

How do I even begin to describe what it’s like to travel in Japan? .

I’m still curious why people (especially Malaysians) love to travel to Japan?? I love traveling too, and I will always missing the country that I travels before. But not Japan! I was counting the days when the holidays will ended. Tak sabar nak balik -_- No, not because of Thyphoon Hagibis, which hit Tokyo when I was there. Me and my 6yo daughter were stranded in the airport for 3 days 2 night, because we had no where to go. I personally okay with that. I considered it as the greatest experience in my life. Even before this, I had so many experience facing in natural disaster, major earthquake hit Yogyakarta when I was studying there, most shaky and strong earthquake I ever felt. I thought I won’t be alive. I never get traumatic with Indonesia. I’m still visiting that country, every year!

But for Japan..I don’t know why you guys are so into Japan. Yah maybe their technology, I admit that. But if you talk about modern city, I think Singapore is way better. Anyway, what I don’t like about Japan is their attitude. So rude so racists. I got yelled why doing my prayer, in the language I don’t understand. Sorry, but it really ruin my love to Japan. They don’t respect other religions. When I was in Europe, I can simply praying at any clean area and European always welcoming and respecting other religions. Or sometimes they don’t even bother. Japan, cannot. That is their country and you are just a tourist. You need to follow them.

I feel that Japanese people look down on other Asian people . When I was carrying my 17kg daughter, sleeping on my shoulder in the train, nobody cares to give me a seat. Oh my, nak patah pinggang dibuatnya. They noticed me but don’t care. Tengok atas bawah atas bawah. Few times ok not only for the first time.

You need helps? Haharam la kalau tak pandai cakap Japan. Even in disaster, I asked for direction and whatsoever pun they just ignored me. Imagine if sesat dekat train Japan yang berselirat tu, I don’t know who I can asked for. They seriously not help at all. No one is friendly and willing to help. Stress lah pergi sana. 

Shopping? They said Tokyo is a shopping paradise. It’s a bit expensive but the price is standard. Depends on what are you looking for. If you’re into anime, electronics, G-shock watch, or vintage, this is your place. But all of that is not into me at all. . Sampaikan terpaksa beli sebab tak tahu nak beli apa  . 

The only things I like about Tokyo is this wignu beef. The price is expensive but the taste is super fabulous! The beef is so juicy and melting in your mouth! tapi takdelah special sangat sampai nak datang Japan semata-mata bendalah ni. Dekat Menate’ pun ada . Other foods in Japan? Err biasa je. The famous ramen in Japan, sedap lagi samyeong Korea beli paket paket dekat supermarket tu. Sushi?? Sedap lagi sushi dekat Nippon Sushi. -_- 

Japan is not my place, because of Thyphoon Hagibis, I don’t have time to visit Fuji Mountain. I don’t regret at all and I don’t think I will repeat the Japan experience again at this moment.

What I can conclude about Japan is, overcrowded. Not kids friendly at all. Japanese walk so fast and the subway system so complex! So hectic city. It comes to the most stressful holidays I’ve ever had. Haha holiday pun stress tau! Even there are tons of other reasons to love Japan, yet still it is not my favourite country.

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