Her Graduation Ceremony

May this be the beginning of a successful journey!

The time has come, I didn’t think it would be so soon for Aurora to move on from kindy to standard 1 primary school next year (another 2 more months to go). Aurora graduated this year. Her kindy organized her graduation ceremony dinner at Grand Seaview Restaurant ballroom, the same venue as 2 years ago. I don’t like her previous year hall, small stage and too crowded. This was well organized. I must admit though that attending graduation party was as grand as attending a wedding dinner.

What’s a graduation party if the graduates did not get their certificates? One by one the 6 years old graduates students donned their graduation gown and went up on stage to receive their certificate from Q Dees headmistress. I feel so touching when Aurora was on stage and received a scroll :'(

This was an emotional experience. I kind of teared up because my baby is growing up so fast!

Graduate students sang a Q Dees official song.

They sang one of my favourite song, “Glowing Inside”. Aurora always sang this song to me, even until now. I’m so deeply touched with this song lyrics.

” Remember, my growing years
They’re filled with joy
Because you’re there for me
You cast my fears away
You wipe those tears
You gave me strength each day “

Aurora with her best friend , Adzra Khayla. Sad, the next year they are going to be separated because both of them will go to different school. No worries, mommy will make sure your friendship with her will last forever.

Not the prettiest, not the brightest, but my one and only angel who fills my life with her cheerfulness and chattiness.

Amy, Khayla, Zara, Aurora and Amy’s lil sister. It makes me sad that they will all be going to different school next year!

Dear Aurora, the move to primary school is a big transition. You will go from being the eldest in your preschool, which is usually in a small nurturing environment, to being the youngest in a large and initially confusing school. I don’t really care about your academic preparedness but please build your confidence and social-emotional preparedness. It is generally easier for you to pick up the academic skills later. Amien”

For more awesome videos of their performance, please kindly check out at Aurora’s youtube channel. (Don’t forget to subscribe!)

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