Splash of pus flying on my face!

A heart for the work

It happened about a week ago, where there was a young foreigner male came to my clinic with complaining of swelling and abscess over his buttock. He was completed an antibiotic but symptoms still not resolved. So I decided to do some minor procedure, for incision and drainage over his buttock.

The location of the abscess was very challenging. It really near the left anal canal where I need an extra assistant to help me to expose the area (macam kene kopakkan buttock dia macam buka buah durian tu) He was in pain instead so definitely he will kepitkan buttock dia aaaa so hard to explain but I hope you understand what I mean.

While I pop the swelling, my assistant unintentionally press the abscess and pus flying on to my face and hijab cover. Oh my there was a lot okay! ( yellowish creamy and smelly too) Luckily I was wearing a mask. If not, I couldn’t imagine if accidentally eating his pus.

Oh. What. A. Day!

Note: The picture above is not related to the contents of this story

Totin Jamain
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