Comeback is REAL.

Cure my insomnia You’re just a product of my worsening dysthymia

Fabulous day to everyone!

Hello I’m back in this blogging land! If you know me well, I was a blogger since year 2000. My blog is my personal diary, as I will write anything relating to my thoughts and personal opinions. I was blogging about everything from health and lifestyle tips, book reviews, poems, stories and rants about my own life. I don’t care about anyone since this is my blog so I usually write anything in my mind. This blog is my release. I will write in English or in malay, depends on my mood..

This is officially my first post in 2019. (at the end of year haha). I has been inactive of blogging for over a year. A year is possibly the lengthiest hiatus I’ve been on with regards to posting.  I was so lazy to renew my domain as I was not so actively blogging because of social media. Lately, I’m fed up of social media because of certain things and I practically gets nothing out of it than wasted hours. After going round in circle, I’m back in blogging seriously which I must say, suits me better. Never say goodbye because I know that, I’ll always return.

Many things are popping on my mind right now and yet, I really don’t know how to write. A lot has happened to me since my last post, so I decided to start everything new! (new domain, new blog appearance, everything is new and fresh!)

Anyway, I am currently customizing my blog site so I’m sorry if it looks a bit messy.

Totin Jamain
I give myself the luxury of saying what I want.